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Hardcore luxury: Caterham Seven 620S

Caterham Seven 620S

If the Caterham 620R is a little too ‘ballistic’ (Caterham’s choice of word), we may have the answer. Caterham Cars has introduced the ‘mildly saner’ 620S, along with a wide-bodied S5 chassis, targeted at what Caterham is calling ‘more generously-proportioned’ customers.

The Caterham Seven 620S is designed for drivers who don’t particularly enjoy the experience of picking flies from their teeth and would rather enjoy their favourite B-road without getting drenched. A softer, more luxurious Caterham Seven? Whatever next?

Luxury, Caterham-style: yours for £44,995

For a fiver short of £45,000, your Caterham Seven 620S will feature a full windscreen, hood, side screens and leather seats. But if the creature comforts give it a more soft-focus feel, the choice of engine is anything but. It’s powered by the same 310hp 2.0-litre supercharged Ford Duratec engine you’ll find in the 620R, giving it a 0-60mph time of 3.44 seconds and a top speed of 145mph.

Caterham has managed to keep the weight increase to a minimum by retaining the carbonfibre interior panels and dashboard, along with the lightweight flywheel you’ll find in the hardcore 620R. But at 610kg, the Seven 620S weighs in at 65kg heavier than the R. You pays yer money, you takes yer choice.

The 620S also features road springs and dampers, 15-inch Orcus anthracite alloy wheels and road-suited ZZS tyres. Crucially, the 620S retains the uprated brake master cylinder and limited-slip differential from the R pack. Insert cliché about having your cake and eating it here.

But before you reach for the order form, delighted that Caterham has built a more ‘luxurious’ Seven you could live with in rain-soaked Britain, there’s more. Those aforementioned ‘generously-proportioned customers’ will revel in the longer and wider S5 chassis, which also offers added interior and luggage space, plus a larger fuel tank.

And don’t think this allows the flies-in-the-teeth brigade to point at you for going soft, as the increased range simply means you can spend longer on the track. Hashtag winning. And because you’ve got a windscreen and roof, you can even drive home at the end of the day.

Caterham drivers to enjoy warm bottoms

Meanwhile, Seven 620R customers needn’t feel they are being left out. For an extra £395, drivers of the fastest road car Caterham has even produced can upgrade to heated carbon seats. It’s the first time heated seats have been offered in the Caterham Seven and warm bums are available across the range. Seven 620S customers can upgrade to carbon seats for £600, or £995 if they fancy them heated.

Orders are now being taken for the 620S and deliveries are expected later this year. Heated seats, a windscreen and a hood: could this be a Caterham 620 you can live with throughout the year? We’d certainly be willing to test that theory…

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